Policy Migration Wizard

The Policy migration wizard helps you create a new Windows desktop v5 policy, or update your existing Windows desktop v5 policy using the settings from your existing Windows product line v3 and v4 policies. You can migrate all policies during installation over a previous version, but to customize all settings for the migration we recommend that you use the Policy migration wizard.

To migrate policies:

1.Select the check box(es) next to policies that you want to migrate settings from.

2.If an Endpoint policy already exists, select one of the following settings:

Replace existing Endpoint policy and use only source settings - The existing policy will be completely replaced by the newly created (Windows desktop v5) policy and the settings from the original (Windows product line v3 and v4) policy will be used.

Merge policies and do not replace conflicting Endpoint settings -  Existing and migrated policies will be merged and existing settings in the Windows desktop v5 policy will not be overwritten by settings from the Windows product line v3 and v4 policy.

Merge policies and replace conflicting Endpoint settings - Existing and migrated policies will be merged and the conflicting settings will be replaced with the original (v3/v4) settings.

3.Wait for the process to finish, times will vary depending on the number of policies being migrated. Click Finish when you see the message Policy migration is complete.