License management

In order for ERA to function properly, a license key must be uploaded. After purchase, license keys are delivered along with your username and password to your email. The License manager serves to manage licenses.

In ERA 3.x and later, support for multiple license keys has been added. This feature makes management of license keys more convenient.

The main License Manager window is accessible from Tools > License manager.

To add a new license key:

1)Navigate to Tools > License manager or press CTRL + L on your keyboard.

2)Click Browse and find the desired license key file (license keys have the extension .lic).

3)Click Open to confirm.

4)Verify that the license key information is correct and select Upload to Server.

5)Click OK to confirm.

The Upload to Server button is only active if you have selected a license key (using the Browse button). Information about the currently viewed license key is shown in this part of the window. This allows for a final check before the key is copied to the server.

The central part of the window displays information about the license key which is currently used by the server. To see details about all license keys present on the server, click the Details… button.

ERAS is capable of selecting the most relevant license key and merging multiple keys into one. If there is more than one license key uploaded, ERAS will always try to find the key with the most clients and furthest expiration date.

The ability to merge multiple keys works if all keys are owned by the same customer. Merging licenses is a simple process which creates a new key containing all clients involved. The expiration date of the new license key becomes the expiration date of the key that would expire first.

The bottom part of the License Manager window is dedicated to notifications when there is a problem with licenses. The available options include:

Warn if the server is about to expire in 20 days – Displays a warning X days before license expires

Warn only if this will cause the number of clients in the license to fall below the number or actual clients in the server database – Activate this option to only show a warning if the expiration of the license key or a part of the license will cause a decrease in the number of clients below the number of currently connected clients, or clients in the ERAS database

Warn if there is only 10% free clients left in the server license – Server will display a warning if the number of free client slots falls under specified value (in %)

ERAS is capable of merging multiple licenses from multiple customers. This feature must be activated by a special key. If you need a special key, please specify it in your order, or contact your local ESET distributor.