ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) is an application which allows you to manage ESET’s products in a networked environment, including workstations and servers – from one central location. With ESET Remote Administrator‘s built-in task management system, you can install ESET security solutions on remote computers and quickly respond to new problems and threats.

ESET Remote Administrator itself does not provide any other form of protection against malicious code. ERA depends on the presence of an ESET security solution on workstations or servers, such as ESET Endpoint Antivirus or ESET Endpoint Security.

To perform a complete deployment of an ESET security solutions portfolio, the following steps must be taken:

Installation of ERA Server (ERAS),

Installation of ERA Console (ERAC),

Installation on client computers (ESET Endpoint Antivirus, ESET Endpoint Security, etc…).

NOTE: Some parts of this document use system variables which refer to an exact location of folders and files:

%ProgramFiles% = typically C:\Program Files

%ALLUSERSPROFILE% = typically C:\Documents and Settings\All Users