You can use the ERA Console to activate the LAN Update server – the Mirror in the ERA Server. This server can then be used to update workstations located in the LAN. By activating the Mirror you will decrease the volume of data transferred through your Internet connection.

Proceed as follows:

1)Connect the ERA Console to the ERA Server by clicking File > Connect.

2)From the ERA Console click Tools > Server Options… and click the Updates tab.

3)From the Update server drop-down menu, select Choose Automatically, leave Update interval at 60 minutes. Insert Update username (EAV-***) and then click Set Password... and type or paste the password you received with your username.

4)Select the Create update mirror option. Leave the default path for mirrored files and HTTP server port (2221). Leave Authentication at NONE.

5)Click the Advanced tab and click Edit Advanced Settings…. In the advanced setup tree, navigate to ERA Server > Setup > Mirror > Create mirror for the selected program components. Click Edit on the right-hand side and select the program components to be downloaded. Components for all language versions that will be used in the network should be selected.

6)In the Updates tab, click Update now to create the Mirror.

For more detailed Mirror configuration options please see How to enable and configure the Mirror.