Installation of ERA Console

Install the ESET Remote Administrator Console to the administrator’s PC/notebook, or directly on the server.

At the end of the Advanced installation mode enter the name of the ERA Server (or its IP address) to which ERAC will automatically connect at startup. It is labeled GHOST in our example.


After installation launch ERAC and check the connection to ERAS. By default, no password is required to connect to an ERA Server (the password text field is blank), but we strongly recommend that one be established. To create a password to connect to an ERA Server click File > Change Password… and then modify the Password for Console by clicking the Change... button.

NOTE: The administrator can specify a user account and a password with access to the  ESET Remote Administrator Console. The administrator can also specify the level of access. For more information, see the chapter User Manager. The ERAC needs to be installed on the computer, from which you want to access the ERAS with the account defined in the User Manager.