Log Collecting Parameters

Define the level of logs that are sent to the server. Select the verbosity level for each type of log using the corresponding drop-down menus.

None – No logs will be sent to the server. Because the client does not log anything using this setting, ERA can not receive any logs.

Level 1 - Critical Warnings – Critical errors only. Critical errors are not logged to the Web Control or Device Control tabs because the client can not produce such logs.

Level 2 - Above + Warnings – The same as level 1 plus alert notifications.

Level 3 - Above + Normal – The same as level 2 plus informative notifications. This verbosity level is called Informational instead of Normal on the client side.

Level 4 - Above + Diagnostics – The same as level 3 plus diagnostic notifications. This verbosity level needs to be set on the client side too, the default setting on the client is Informational logging level.

All – All logs will be received.