Greylist Log tab

This tab shows all Greylisting-related activity.



Greylist Id

ID of the corresponding entry in the database (ID has the form: Greylist Number)

Client Name

Name of client reporting the event

Primary Server

Name of ERAS with which a client is communicating

Date Received

Time the event was logged by ERAS

Date Occured

Time the event occurred

HELO domain

Domain name used by the sending server to identify itself towards the receiving server

IP address

IP address of the sender of the message


E-mail address of the sender of the message


E-mail address of the recipient of the message


Action taken by the given security feature

Time remaining

Time left before the message is rejected or verified and delivered

NOTE: By default, the logging of greylisting activity is disabled. To enable logging of this activity or change settings, go to Tools > Server Options > Server Maintenance > Log Collecting Parameters.