Quarantine tab

This tab consolidates all quarantine entries in your network.



Quarantine Id

ID number of the quarantined object assigned in order of occurrence


File hash code


Time at which the scan event was logged by ERAS

Occurred First

Time passed from the first occurrence of the quarantined item

Occurred Last

Time passed from the latest occurrence of the quarantined item

Object Name

Usually a folder where the infiltration is located

File Name

Name of the quarantined file


Type of extension of the quarantined file


Size of the quarantined file


Reason for quarantining - usually a description of the threat type

Client Count

Number of clients quarantining the object


Number of times the object was quarantined


Indicates whether the object was requested to be downloaded to the server

NOTE: Please note that the fields Object Name, File Name and Extension shows first three objects only. For detailed information open the Properties window either by pressing the F3 key or by double-clicking the selected item.

Centralized quarantine provides an overview of quarantined files which are stored locally on the clients with an option to request them on demand. When a file is requested, it is copied to the ERA Server in a safe, encrypted form. For safety reasons, decryption is performed upon saving the file to the disk. For instructions on working with quarantined files, see chapter Restore/Delete from Quarantine Task.

NOTE: Centralized quarantine requires installation of EAV/ESS version 4.2 or newer on clients.