HIPS Log tab

This tab shows all HIPS-related activity.



Hips Id

ID of the corresponding entry in the database (ID has the form: HIPS Number)

Client Name

Name of client reporting the HIPS message

Primary Server

Name of the ERA Server a client is communicating with

Date Received

Time at which the event was logged by ERAS

Date Occured

Time at which the event occurred


Emergency level of the event


Name of the application that generated the HIPS log. It has the format of a UNC path to the executable of the application


Detected activity that affects the target application


Application file that generated the HIPS log. Its in the format of a path to the file in the application installation folder


Action that was taken by HIPS based on the current active mode/rule

NOTE: By default, the logging of HIPS activity is disabled. To enable logging of this activity or change settings, go to Tools > Server Options > Server Maintenance > Log Collecting Parameters.