Context menu

Use the right mouse button to invoke the context menu and adjust output in columns. Context menu options include:

Select All Selects all entries.

Select by ‘...’ This option allows you to right-click on any attribute and automatically select (highlight) all other workstations or servers with the same attribute. The string ... is automatically replaced by the value of the current tab.

Inverse Selection Performs inverted selection of entries.

Hide Selected Hides selected entries.

Hide Unselected Hides all unselected entries in the list.

NOTE: The options may vary depending on the currently active window.

Show/Hide Columns Opens the Console Options > Columns - Show/Hide window where you can define columns that will be available in the selected pane.

The Hide Selected/Unselected options are effective if further organization is needed after using previous filtering methods. To disable all filters set by the context menu, click View > Cropped View, or click the icon on the ERAC toolbar. You can also press F5 to refresh displayed information and disable filters.


To only display clients with threat alerts:
In the Clients tab, right-click on any empty pane with Last Virus Alert and choose Select by ‘…‘ from the context menu. Then, again from the context menu, click Hide Selected.

To display threat alerts for clients ”Joseph” and ”Charles”:
Click the Threat Log tab and right-click any attribute in the Client Name column with the value Joseph. From the context menu click Select by ‘Joseph’. Then, press and hold the CTRL key, right-click and click Select by ‘Charles’. Finally, right-click and select Hide Unselected from the context menu and release the CTRL key.

The CTRL key can be used to select/deselect specific entries and the SHIFT key can be used to mark/unmark a group of entries.

NOTE: Filtering can also be used to facilitate the creation of new tasks for specific (highlighted) clients. There are many ways to use filtering effectively, please experiment with various combinations.