Connecting to ERA Server

Most features in ERAC are only available after connecting to ERAS. Define the server by name or IP address before connecting:

Open the ERAC and click File > Edit Connections… (or Tools > Console Options…) and click the Connection tab.

Click the Add/Remove… button to add new ERA Servers or to modify currently listed servers. Pick the desired server in the Select connection drop-down menu. Then, click the Connect button.

NOTE: ERAC fully supports the IPv6 protocol. The address should be in the [ipv6address]:port format, for example [::1]:2223.

Other options in this window:

Connect to selected server on the console startup - If this option is selected, the console will automatically connect to the selected ERAS on startup.

Show message when connection fails - If there is a communication error between ERAC and ERAS, an alert will be displayed.

There are two authentication types available:

ERA Server

The user authenticates with ERAS credentials. By default no password is required to connect to ERAS, but we strongly recommend that one be established. To create a password to connect to ERAS:

Click File > Change Password… (or Tools > Server Options > Security) and then click the Change… button next to Password for Console.

When entering a password you can check the Remember password option. Please consider the possible security risks associated with this option. To delete all remembered passwords click FileClear Cached Passwords….

If you wish to set or change the user accounts for the Console-Server authentication, use the User Manager tool.


Users authenticate with Windows/Domain user credentials. In order for the Windows/Domain authentication to work properly ERAS needs to be installed under the Windows/Domain account with sufficient rights. You must also enable this feature in Tools > Server Options… > Advanced tab > Edit Advanced Settings… > ESET Remote Administrator > ERA Server > Setup > Security:

Allow Windows/Domain authentication - Enables/disables Windows/Domain authentication.

Administrator groups – Allows you to define groups for which Windows/Domain authentication will be enabled.

Read only groups – Allows you to define groups with read-only access.

When communication has been established the program’s header will change to Connected [server_name].

Alternatively you can click File > Connect to connect to ERAS.

NOTE: Communication between ERAC and ERAS is encrypted (AES-256).