Merge duplicate clients

Imagine that in a computer managed by ERA Server you change the network adapter, thus the MAC address of the computer changes. You connect the computer to ERA Server, but now the freshly connected computer is a duplicate of the old (previously connected) computer. In this scenario, you can delete the old computer from the Clients tab of  ERA Console or merge the two computers to keep the logs from the old computer and have them associated with the new computer.

To merge two computers, navigate to the Clients tab of ERA Console, select the two computers, right-click the selection and click Merge Duplicates... in the context menu. In the Merge duplicate clients window you can choose which client should be kept and click Merge clients. If you happened to chose the worse client to be kept (for example, the one that hadn't connected to the ERA Server for a long period), you would see a warning about the wrong selection.

NOTE: When merging two computers, the logs are associated with the kept computer but the Tasks, Quarantine and group/policy assignment of the deleted computer are deleted.