Installation – start-up wizard

Once the application is installed on your device, follow the prompts from the start-up wizard. The first time that you open ESET Parental Control, you will be prompted to select your language, give User consent and provide credentials for the portal. To do these steps, follow the instructions below:

1.Select the Language you want to use in ESET Parental Control.

2.Tap Accept to agree to the End User License Agreement.

3.Tap Accept to accept the User consent.

4.Allow Read phone information permission to allow ESET Parental Control activation.

5.Create a new profile or sign in to your My ESET account.

6.Select Child or Parent depending on who will use this device. If you do not have an Android device or you prefer to use your web browser, the same tools and settings found in the app are available from the My ESET portal.

7.Create a child profile by entering your child's name, gender and date of birth.

8.Define your Parental PIN. The four-digit PIN is used to access parental settings on the child’s device, therefore, we recommend that you use a strong password.

9.Tap Next and tap Parental Control to Enable app monitoring.

10.Uninstall protection restricts children from uninstalling ESET Parental Control. Tap Next and then tap Activate at the Device administrator prompt.

11.Choose whether to send Crash reports and anonymous data about errors. The Crash reports and anonymous data will help us improve our application and services.

12.Allow application permissions.

13.Tap Enable to start ESET Parental Control.



Guest Account misuse

We recommend you to disable a guest account on a child's device to prohibit the child from misusing the guest account to bypass ESET Parental Control.


Battery protector

Many device manufacturers introduced battery protector or battery saving options in Android 5 and later devices. On devices that have this feature, you will need to create an exception to allow the ESET Parental Control  to work with a battery-saving feature turned on. To create an exception check your device manufacturers documentation.