This section provides you with an overview of the mobile devices managed by ESET Parental Control for each child, the status of the devices and the potential issues that may prevent your devices from being optimally configured.


ESET Parental Control will give you these device statuses:

Battery status - ESET Parental Control will let you know the remaining battery percentage of your child's device.

Phone status - ESET Parental Control will inform you about your child's phone status (Ringtone, Vibrate, Silent)

Tracking status - When your child's device is being tracked, ESET Parental Control will display the Tracked device icon.


ESET Parental Control will alert you of following optimization issues:

Enable the use of GPS satellites to allow ESET Parental Control to determine the location of the device more precisely.
You can enable the use of GPS satellites in Android settings > Location access by selecting GPS satellites.

Enable Google's Location services to allow ESET Parental Control to determine location of the device more precisely.
To enable the use of Location services, navigate to Android settings > Location access. Select Wi-Fi & mobile network location.

Enable mobile data connectivity to see your child's activity on, even if the device is not connected via Wi-Fi.
To enable mobile data connection, navigate to Android settings > Mobile networks and select Data enabled.

Enable time synchronization to make sure your child can't manipulate the time allowed for gaming.
To enable the use of network-provided time, navigate to Android settings > Date & time and select Automatic date & time.


Install Google Play Services to enable real-time control of the device (push notifications) from
Google Play services can be installed from Google Play.


Activate ESET Parental Control as device administrator on this device to avoid unauthorized removal of the app.
To add ESET Parental Control to device administrators, navigate to Android settings > Security > Device administrators > Parental Control and tap Activate.


Allow Parental Control to access other apps on this device.
To enable Parental Control, navigate to Android settings > Accessibility > Parental Control and enable Parental Control.