Parental PIN – the four-digit Parental PIN protects application settings on a child's device. It also prevents children from uninstalling ESET Parental Control.

Parents' phone numbers – parental messages can only be sent from phone numbers saved in this list.

Parental Messages – when this option is enabled, parents can send a text message that:

oLocks the screen until a child reads it.

oLocates a child device without internet connection and sends the parent device an SMS with a link to the device location. To request the child device location, send an SMS message starting with a question mark (?) in the text to the child device. You will receive an SMS message with a URL link to your child's location.

These messages must be sent from a phone number listed under Parents' phone numbers.

Lock device on – specify whether all Parental messages lock the child's device or just those that begin with an exclamation mark (!).

Email reports – detailed summaries of your child's activities can be sent to you via email.

Frequency – set the frequency of email reports.

The week starts on – choose whether the week in your region starts on Monday or Sunday. This will affect the appearance of the calendar in Time limits for fun & games.

SOS Button – when this option is enabled, SOS messages can be sent to parent phone numbers saved in the app. The SOS message includes the position of the child device when the message is sent. For more information about the SOS feature, see our Knowledgebase article.