Web Guard

Web Guard allows kids to explore the Web in a friendly way. Enter your child’s age to have ESET Parental Control automatically define which categories are available. For example, gambling and pornography content is blocked by default.

There are three predefined options based on the age of a child. Each option marks several website categories as appropriate or inappropriate. Parents can also modify these settings and allow or reject access to any listed category. The initial setup is configured based on the age of a selected child.


If the child is visiting a forbidden web page, he can ask for permission to access the content. When permission is granted by a parent, an exception is automatically created in Web Guard. Exceptions for specific websites can also be created through Web Guard Reports, which are accessible through the Reports tab or from browsing history emails sent to parents.

To enable Web Guard:

1.Open ESET Parental Control application or log in to parentalcontrol.eset.com

2.Select the child for which you want to enable Web Guard.

3.In the Web Guard window, click Change rules.

4.Select Block access to inappropriate websites.


NOTE: If you disable web blocking but keep Web Guard enabled, web monitoring will be still active.