Product activation

ESET Parental Control can be used in three modes:

Free – basic features are free to use for unlimited time

Trial – premium features are activated for a limited time (30 days by default)

Premium – premium features are activated until a license expires


The following features are available in the Free or Premium version of ESET Parental Control:




Web Guard filtering

Web Guard monitoring

Up to 7 days, 3-5 domains only

Application Guard – manual editor

Automatic app categorization

Application Guard – time budget

Application Guard – time restrictions

Child locator

Web Guard - reporting

Reports for up to 7 days

Reports for up to 30 days

Application Guard - reporting

Reports for up to 7 days

Reports for up to 30 days

Email alerts

Parental message


To activate ESET Parental Control on your Android device, open the ESET Parental Control main menu and tap License.

License Key – a unique string in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX or XXXX-XXXXXXXX which is used for identification of the license owner and activation of the license. You will find the License Key in the email received after the purchase or on the license card if you purchased ESET Parental Control as a boxed product.

Buy – use this option if you do not have a license and would like to buy one through Google Play or the ESET website.

Try – select this option if you want to evaluate ESET Parental control before making a purchase. This can be only done once per Google account.