Periodic scan

ESET Online Scanner version 3 (EOS v3) offers another type of scan, which can periodically scan your computer for free. It is a quick check of parts of your system that are often infected. The scan starts automatically, and you will be notified about it.

The additional scan option is displayed if the following conditions have been met:

EOS v3 has been launched by a user with administrator privileges

there has been no ESET product detected on the scanned computer

To enable periodic scan, EOS v3 must be run as administrator. The feature can be turned on two ways:

I.After completing an initial scan of your system. The next screen will display the time the scan will run again and a link to change Periodic Scan schedule.

II.Running the initial scan you do not select Delete application's data on closing,  and you run ESET Online Scanner again.

1.Once enabled, select a specific day and time to repeat the monthly scan.

2.Click Detection of Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) to enable or disable that setting or to open Advanced settings to toggle the following options:

Detect suspicious applications

Detect potentially unsafe applications (Potentially unsafe applications)

Scan archives

3.Click eos_back_arrow to go back to Periodic Scan settings.

4.Click Save.