Protection statistics

To view statistical data related to protection modules of ESET Mail Security, select the applicable protection module from the drop-down menu. The statistics include information such as the number of all scanned objects, number of infected objects, number of cleaned objects and the number of clean objects. Hover your mouse over an object next to the graph and only the data for that specific object will display in the graph. To clear statistics information for the current protection module, click Reset. To clear data for all modules, click Reset all.


The following statistic graphs are available in ESET Mail Security:

Antivirus and antispyware protection

Displays the overall number of infected and cleaned objects.

File system protection

Displays objects that were read or written to the file system only.

Hyper-V protection

Displays the overall number of infected, cleaned and clean objects (on systems with Hyper-V only).

Email client protection

Displays objects that were sent or received by email clients only.

Web access and Anti-Phishing protection

Displays objects downloaded by web browsers only.


Mail server protection

Displays anti-malware mail server statistics.

Mail server antispam protection

Displays the history of antispam statistics. Number of Not scanned refers to objects excluded from scan (based on rules, internal messages, authenticated connections, etc.).

Mail server greylisting protection

Includes antispam statistic generated using the greylisting method.

Mail transport protection activity

Displays objects verified/blocked/deleted by the mail server.

Mail transport protection performance

Displays data processed by VSAPI/Transport Agent in B/s.

Mailbox database protection activity

Displays objects processed by VSAPI (number of verified, quarantined and deleted objects).

Mailbox database protection performance

Displays data processed by VSAPI (number of different averages for today, for last 7 days and averages since last reset).