The Scheduler serves to schedule the following tasks: virus signature database update, scanning task, system startup file check and log maintenance. You can add or delete tasks directly from the main Scheduler window (click Add task or Delete at the bottom). Right click anywhere in the Scheduler window to perform the following actions: display detailed information, perform the task immediately, add a new task, and delete an existing task. Use the checkboxes at the beginning of each entry to activate/deactivate the tasks.

By default, the following scheduled tasks are displayed in Scheduler:

Log maintenance

Regular automatic update

Automatic update after dial-up connection

Automatic update after user logon

Automatic startup file check (after user logon)

Automatic startup file check (after successful update of the virus signature database)

Automatic first scan

To edit the configuration of an existing scheduled task (both default and user-defined), right-click the task and click Edit... or select the task you wish to modify and click the Edit button.

Add a new task:

1.Click Add task at the button of the window.

2.Enter a name of the task.

3.Select the desired Task type.

4.Turn on the Enabled switch if you want to activate the task (you can do this later by selecting/deselecting checkbox in the list of scheduled tasks).

5.Click Next and select one of the timing options and specify when it will be performed again.

6.Review scheduled task when you double-click the task in Scheduler view, or right-click the scheduled task and choose Show task details.