ESET SysInspector as part of ESET Mail Security

To open the ESET SysInspector section in ESET Mail Security, click Tools > ESET SysInspector. The management system in the ESET SysInspector window is similar to that of computer scan logs, or scheduled tasks. All operations with system snapshots – create, view, compare, remove and export – are accessible within one or two clicks.

The ESET SysInspector window contains basic information about the created snapshots such as create time, a short comment, name of the user that created the snapshot and snapshot status.

To compare, create, or delete snapshots, use the corresponding buttons located below the list of snapshots in the ESET SysInspector window. Those options are also available from the context menu. To view the selected system snapshot, select Show from the context menu. To export the selected snapshot to a file, right-click it and select Export....

Below is a detailed description of the available options:

Compare – Allows you to compare two existing logs. It is suitable if you want to track changes between the current log and an older log. For this option to take effect, you must select two snapshots to be compared.

Create... – Creates a new record. Before that, you must enter a short comment about the record. To find out the snapshot creation progress (of the currently generated snapshot), see the Status column. All completed snapshots are marked by the Created status.

Delete/Delete all – Removes entries from the list.

Export... – Saves the selected entry in an XML file (also in a zipped version).