Task details - Send mail quarantine reports

The Send mail quarantine reports task sends a Mail Quarantine report via email.

note_icon_note NOTE

Send mail quarantine reports task is available only when you are using Local quarantine. You will not be able to use it with Quarantine mailbox and MS Exchange quarantine.

Sender address - Specify an email address which to display as a sender of the Mail Quarantine report.

Max count of records in report - You can limit the number of entries per report. Default count is set to 50.

Web URL - This URL will be included in the Mail Quarantine report so that the recipient can simply click the link to access the web interface of Mail Quarantine.

Recipients - Choose users who will be receiving Mail Quarantine reports. Click Edit to select the mailboxes for specific recipients.

Click Finish to create the scheduled task.

note_icon_note NOTE

Mail Quarantine report will be sent only if there are quarantined messages. If the quarantine is empty, report will not be sent.