You'll see a list of components which you can enable/disable using the switch MODULE_ENABLED. To configure settings for a specific item, click the cogwheel icon_cogwheel.

Antivirus protection - Guards against malicious system attacks by controlling file, email and Internet communication.

Antispam protection - Integrates several technologies (RBL, DNSBL, Fingerprinting, Reputation checking, Content analysis, Rules, Manual whitelisting/blacklisting, etc.) to achieve maximum detection of email threats.

Automatic exclusions - feature identifies critical server applications and server operating system files and automatically adds them to the list of Exclusions. This functionality will minimize the risk of potential conflicts and increase the overall performance of the server when running antivirus software.

To setup the ESET Cluster click Cluster wizard. For details on how to set up the ESET Cluster using the wizard, click here.


If you want to set more detailed options, click Advanced setup or press F5.

There are additional options at the bottom of the setup window. To load setup parameters using an .xml configuration file, or to save the current setup parameters to a configuration file, use Import/Export settings. Please see Import/Export Settings for more details.