False positive file

We request that you submit files that are detected as an infection but are not infected to improve our antivirus and antispyware engine and help others to be protected. False positives (FP) may occur when a pattern of a file matches the same pattern contained in a virus signature database.

Application name and version - Program title and its version (for example number, alias or code name).

File origin (URL address or vendor) - Please enter a file origin (source) and note how you encountered this file.

Application's purpose - The general application description, type of application (for example, browser, media player, ...) and its functionality.

Notes and additional information - Here you can add additional information or descriptions that will help while processing the suspicious file.

note_icon_note NOTE

The first three parameters are required to identify legitimate applications and distinguish them from malicious code. By providing additional information, you will help our laboratories significantly in the identification process and in the processing of samples.