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Keyboard shortcuts

The eShell supports keyboard shortcuts (similar to Microsoft Windows cmd.exe command prompt). Use certain keys (key combinations) on your keyboard to perform actions in eShell. For example, show the history of commands, repeat part of the history command, move a word or erase a line.

Available shortcuts:

F1 - print characters of the actual history command one by one.

F2, X - repeat part of the history command; up to character X.

F3 - write actual history command.

F4, X - beginning from the current cursor position on the actual command; delete up to character X.

F5 - the same as the UP ARROW.

F7 - show the history of commands.

ALT + F7 - clear command history.

F8 - Move backward through the command history, but only display commands matching the current text at the command prompt.

F9 - run a specific command from the command history.

RIGHT ARROW - the same as F1.

CTRL + HOME - erase line to the left.

CTRL + END - erase line to the right.

CTRL + LEFT ARROW - move one word to the left.

CTRL + RIGHT ARROW - move one word to the right.