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Mailbox database scan

Running a full email database scan in large environments can result in undesired system loads. To avoid this issue, run a scan on specific databases or mailboxes. Further minimize server system impact by filtering scan targets using message timestamps.


Incorrectly defined rules for On-demand mailbox database scan can cause irreversible changes to Mailbox databases. Always make sure you have the most recent backup of your Mailbox databases before running On-demand mailbox database scan with rules in place for the first time. Also, we highly recommend that you verify the rules are running according to expectations.

For verification, define rules with Log to events action only because other actions can change your Mailbox databases. Once verified, you can add destructive rule actions such as Delete attachment.

The following item types are scanned in both Public folders and in user Mailboxes:



Calendar items (meetings/appointments)




Use the drop-down list to choose which messages to scan according to their time-stamp. For example, Scan messages modified within the last week, you can also choose to Scan all messages if required.

To enable or disable message attachment scanning, select the check box next to Scan only messages with attachments. Click Edit to select the public folder that will be scanned.

Click the gear icon and modify the interval to Stop scan if it runs longer than (minutes), and change to preferred time (anything between 1 to 2880 minutes).


Select the check box(es) next to Server databases and Mailboxes you want to scan. Filter lets you find databases and mailboxes quickly, especially if there are a large number of mailboxes in your Exchange infrastructure.


Click Save scan targets and parameters to the On-demand scan profile. You can now click Scan. If you have not previously specified Database scan account details a pop-up window will open asking for credentials. Otherwise, On-demand mailbox database scan will start.

If you do not see Built-in Administrator mailbox, verify that UserPrincipalName attribute is not empty.


If you are running Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 you can choose between Mailbox database protection and On-demand mailbox database scan, only one protection type can be active at a time. If you decide to use On-demand mailbox database scan you will need to disable integration of Mailbox database protection in Advanced setup > Server. Otherwise On-demand mailbox database scan will not be available.