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Register ESET Mail Security scanner

Use the following process to register the ESET Mail Security scanner app to Microsoft Azure to activate Microsoft 365 mailbox database scan:

1.Click Register to begin ESET Mail Security scanner registration, and a registration wizard opens.


2.Copy the code provided, click the Open authentication page and enter the code.


3.A web browser with Microsoft's Pick an account page opens. If available, click the account you are using, or enter your Microsoft 365 administrator account credentials and click Sign in.

4.The ESET Mail Security scanner app requires three types of permissions listed in the acceptance message. Click Accept to allow ESET Mail Security scanner to access your Microsoft 365 data.


5.Close the web browser and wait for the ESET Mail Security scanner registration to complete. You will see the Registration was successful message.


6.Public folders (optional)

If you want to scan public folders, provide a principal user account name (password not required) for impersonation. Ensure the configuration of this user account is to have access to all public folders. Click Done.