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Network troubleshooting wizard

The troubleshooting wizard monitors all blocked connections and will guide you through the troubleshooting process to correct Network Attack Protection issues with specific applications or devices. Next, the wizard will suggest a new set of rules to be applied if you approve them.

Select a time period from the drop-down menu during which communication has been blocked. A list of recently blocked communications gives you an overview of the application type or device, reputation, and the total number of applications and devices blocked during that period. For more details about blocked communication, click Details.

The next step is to unblock the application or device you are experiencing connectivity problems.

When you click Unblock, the previously blocked communication will be allowed. If you continue to experience problems with an application or your device does not work as expected, click The application still doesn't work. All communications previously blocked for that device will now be allowed. If the issue persists, restart the computer.

Click Show changes to see rules created by the wizard.

Click Unblock another to troubleshoot communications issues with a different device or application.