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Mail server protection report

The mail server protection report keeps you informed with an overview of ESET Mail Security protection statistics. Statistical reports contain information about the number of scanned emails, detected malware, phishing, and spam for the specified period. The report is generated based on the scheduled task and emailed to selected recipients as an attachment in HTML format. The HTML output presents data in a graph form, shows the long-term average for comparison, and includes traffic information for each protection type, top recipients of malware, phishing, and spam.

Use the scheduler to generate the mail server protection report on a specified date and time, as well as a recurring event. Scheduled reports are delivered to selected email recipients who will be receiving the reports.

Navigate to Tools > Scheduler and click Add task to the wizard.

Type the Task name, select Task type from the drop-down menu and choose Mail server protection report task type.

Report name - Type report name.

Time range - Select one of the options as a period for which the report will be generated.

Recipients - Specify users who will be receiving mail server protection report. Click Edit to enter the mailboxes for specific recipients (linked mailboxes are also supported). Specify the report recipient's email address, hit enter to confirm. Repeat to add multiple recipients.

Sender address - Specify an email address which to display as a sender of the mail server protection report (for example

Report language - Choose desired language from the drop-down menu. The report will be generated in the selected language.

Aggregate statistics from cluster - Create a report with the statistical data generated for all cluster node members.

Click Finish.