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Background scan

This task type allows for database scan via VSAPI in the background. It lets your Exchange Server to run background scan if needed. The scan is triggered by the Exchange Server itself, this means that it is up to the Exchange Server whether the scan will be executed within allowed time.

We recommend you allow this task to run outside of peak hours when your Exchange Server is not busy, for example, at night-time. This is because the database background scan might puts certain amount of load on your system. Also, the time frame should not collide with any backups that might be running on your Exchange Server to prevent performance or availability issues.


Mailbox database protection must be enabled for the scheduled task to run. This type of protection is only available for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 operating in the Mailbox Server role.

Timeout (hours)

Specify how many hours is your Exchange Server allowed to run the database background scan from the time this scheduled task is executed. When it reaches the timeout, Exchange will be instructed to stop its background scan.