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Brute-force attack protection rules

Brute-force attack protection rules to create, edit and view rules for incoming and outgoing network connections. The pre-defined rules cannot be edited or deleted.

Create a new rule, click Add new Brute-force attack protection rule, or Edit selected entries.

This window gives you an overview of existing Brute-force attack protection rules.


User-defined or automatically chosen rule name.


Deactivate this switch if you want to keep the rule in the list but do not want to use it.


The rule specifies an action – Allow or Deny – that should be performed if the conditions are right.


The communication protocol this rule will inspect.


Custom rules can be set and applied for specific profiles.

Max attempts

The maximum number of allowed attempts of attack repetition until the IP address is blocked and added to the blacklist.

Blacklist retention period (min)

Sets the time for the address expiration from the blacklist. The default time period for counting the number of attempts is 30 minutes.

Source IP

A list of IP addresses/ranges/subnets. Multiple addresses must be separated by a comma.

Source zones

Enables you to add a pre-defined or created zone with a range of IP addresses here by clicking Add.