Modifying an existing installation

You can add or remove components included in your installation. To do so, either run the .msi installer package you used during initial installation, or go to Programs and Features (accessible from the Windows Control Panel), right-click ESET Mail Security and select Change. Follow the steps below to add or remove components.

There are 3 options available. You can Modify installed components, Repair your installation of ESET Mail Security or Remove (uninstall) it completely.


If you choose Modify, a list of available program components is displayed. Choose the components you want to add or remove. You can add/remove multiple components at the same time. Click the component and select an option from the drop-down menu:


When you have selected an option, click Modify to perform the modifications.


You can modify installed components at any time by running the installer. For most components, a server restart is not necessary to carry out the change. The GUI will restart and you'll only see only the components you chose to install. For components that require a server restart, the Windows Installer will prompt you to restart and new components will become available once the server is back online.