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Removable media

ESET Mail Security provides automatic removable media (CD/DVD/USB) scanning. This module allows you to scan inserted media. This may be useful if the computer administrator wants to prevent the users from using removable media with unsolicited content.

When removable media is inserted, the following dialog will shown:

Scan now—This will trigger a scan of removable media.

Do not scan—Removable media will not be scanned.

Setup—Opens Advanced setup.

Always use the selected option—When selected, the same action will be performed when removable media is inserted another time.

In addition, ESET Mail Security features Device control, which enables you to define rules for external devices on a given computer.

To access settings for removable media scan, open Advanced setup (F5) > Notifications > Interactive alerts > Edit. If the Ask user is not selected, choose the action performed when a removable media is inserted into the computer:

Do not scan—No action will be performed and the New device detected window will be closed.

Automatic device scan—An on-demand computer scan of the inserted removable media device will be performed.

Forced device scan—A computer scan of the inserted removable media device will be performed and cannot be canceled.

Show scan options—Opens the Interactive alerts setup section.