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Device control

ESET Mail Security includes automatic device (CD/DVD/USB/) control. This module allows you to scan, block or adjust extended filters/permissions and define a user's ability to access and work with a given device. This may be useful if the computer administrator wants to prevent the use of devices containing undesirable content.


When you enable device control using Integrate into system switch, the Device control feature of ESET Mail Security will be activated. However, a restart your system is required for this change to take effect.

Device control will become active, allowing you to edit their settings. If a device blocked by an existing rule is detected, a notification window will be displayed and access to the device will not be granted.


A Device control rule defines the action that will be taken when a device meeting the rule criteria is connected to the computer.


When you click Edit, you can manage Device groups. Create a new Device group or select an existing one to add or remove devices from the list.


You can view device control log entries in Log files.