Upgrading to a newer version

New versions of ESET Mail Security are issued to provide improvements or fix issues that cannot be resolved by automatic updates to program modules. The following upgrade methods can be used:

Manual - Download the latest version of ESET Mail Security. Export settings from your existing ESET Mail Security if you want to preserve configuration. Uninstall ESET Mail Security and restart the server. Perform a fresh installation with the installer you have downloaded. Import settings to load your configuration. We recommend this procedure if you have a single server running ESET Mail Security. Applicable for upgrades from any legacy version to 6.x.

Remote - For use in large network environments managed by ESET Remote Administrator. This method is useful if you have multiple servers running ESET Mail Security. Applicable for upgrades from version 4.x to 6.x.

ESET Cluster wizard - Can also be used as an upgrade method. We recommend this method for 2 or more servers with ESET Mail Security. Applicable for upgrades from version 4.x to 6.x. Once the upgrade is completed, you can continue using ESET Cluster and take advantage of its features.

note_icon_note NOTE

A server restart will be required during the upgrade of ESET Mail Security.


note_icon_important IMPORTANT

Certain settings, specifically rules, cannot be migrated during an upgrade. This is due to changes in the rules feature that were introduced in later product versions. We recommend that you make note of your rules settings before migrating from 4.x versions. You can setup rules after the upgrade is finished. New rules gives you greater flexibility and even more possibilities compared to rules in previous version of ESET Mail Security.


The following settings are preserved from previous versions of ESET Mail Security:

General ESET Mail Security configuration.

Antispam protection settings:

All settings that are identical in previous versions, any new settings will use defaults.

Whitelist and blacklist entries.

note_icon_note NOTE

Once you've upgraded your ESET Mail Security, we recommend you to go through all the settings to make sure it is configured correctly and according to your needs.