How to schedule a scan task (every 24 hours)

To schedule a regular task, go to ESET Mail Security > Tools > Scheduler. The steps below will walk you through the creation of a task to scan your local drives every 24 hours.

To schedule a scan task:

1.Click Add task in the main Scheduler screen and Enter a Task name.

2.Select On-demand computer scan from the drop-down menu.

3.If you want to deactivate the task once it is created, click the switch next to Enabled. You can activate the task later using the check box in the Scheduler view.

4.Set the scheduler task to run Repeatedly. The task will be performed at the specified time interval (1440 minutes).

5.If you want to prevent the task from being executed when the system is running on battery power (for example UPS), click the switch next to Skip task when running on battery power.

6.Click Next.

7.Select an action to perform if the scheduled task execution fails for any reason.

At the next scheduled time

As soon as possible

Immediately, if the time since the last run exceeds a specified value (the interval can be defined using the Time since last run selector)

8.Click Next.

9.From the Targets drop-down menu, select Local drives.

10.Click Finish to apply the task.