What's new

We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the most recent version of ESET Mail Security.

ESET Mail Security

Fixed: Failed to start product after import of ESET Mail Security license

Fixed: High memory load on the server where Gateway Security component is installed

Fixed: Product is causing occasional crashes of Google Chrome browser

Fixed: Quarantined files with long names could not be restored

Fixed: File command fails with "Bad system call"

Fixed vulnerability: Arbitrary file truncate vulnerability - which allowed an unprivileged user to misuse product and truncate any system file

Updated: End User License Agreement

Updated: PHP version to 5.6.40

ESET Mail Security

Added: Compatibility with SLES12 and OpenSUSE 13.2

Changed: ThreatSense.Net early warning system is now enabled by default

Updated: PHP version updated to 5.6.34

Fixed: Emails might not be received if contain Japanese characters while libesets_pac.so is loaded

ESET Mail Security

Improved: Scanning capability for PAC on-access scans

Fixed: SMTP agent could not connect to socket after daemon restart

Fixed: Scanning exclusions would not be applied in certain circumstances

Fixed: Update status not properly displayed in ESET Remote Administrator

Fixed: In certain circumstances ESET smfi agent did not delete malware but displayed threats as deleted

Fixed: Web interface could not be open with libssl 1.1

ESET Mail Security

Updated: PHP version updated to 5.6.30

Fixed: Updating license does not refresh properly in ESET Remote Administrator

Fixed: Server with CentOS 7 and ESET File Security for Linux freeze in some cases

Fixed: PAC scanner on chrooted sftp server does not work properly

Fixed: Minor bug fixes


ESET Mail Security

Improved: Compatibility on XFS file system with inode64

Fixed: Full installation path is displayed in the wwwi interface after typing in URL

Fixed: Files are not deleted properly after uninstallation

Fixed: Horus Anti-spam engine does not properly update after activation with ESET Secure Business license

Fixed: Configuration settings on the endpoint product and the ERA policy do not match


ESET Mail Security

Improved: Default certificate for web console now uses SHA-256 and RSA-2048

Fixed: SMTP-session was not correctly recognized in some cases

Fixed: Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is now properly loaded from /etc/domainname

Fixed: Copyright information now shows current year

Fixed: Resolved vulnerability where attacker could disable ESET Mail/File/Gateway Security before initialization