License management

You can upload a new license using the web interface, as shown in Figure 6-2.

If you want to display licenses in the console, use the following command:

@SBINDIR@/esets_lic --list

If you want to import new license files, use the following command:

@SBINDIR@/esets_lic --import *.lic

Figure 6-2. ESET Licenses.


You can enable the license notification option in the Scheduler section options. If enabled, this functionality will notify you 30 days prior to your license expiration.

Note: If you have an ESET-issued License key and a license file is not available, you can generate a legacy license file using ESET License Administrator using the following instructions.

Note: If you have a fully functional ESET File/Gateway Security for Linux and FreeBSD installation and you wish to expand it by adding ESET Mail Security, you will need to set your new username and password for ESET Mail Security either in the ESETS configuration file, or in the web interface. This will prevent possible issues with updates in ESETS.