Setting ESETS for MTA ZMailer

Inbound email message scanning

The goal of this installation is to use esets_mda as ZMailer’s local delivery agent. However, you must have a real MDA installed, such as procmail. In the [mda] section of the ESETS configuration file, set this parameter:

mda_path = "/path/to/procmail"

and restart the ESETS daemon. Procmail doesn‘t support the full email address as a recipient, so comment out this line in ZMailer‘s prepending a ‘#‘:


Next, in the ‘local/*’ clause of scheduler.conf, replace your current delivery command with:

command="sm -c $channel esets"

and append this line to sm.conf (replace with your FQDN):

esets sSPfn @BINDIR@/esets_mda esets_mda -a $h -d $u -- --sender $g --recipient $

Finally, restart ZMailer.

Bi-directional email messages scanning

The goal of this installation is to use esets_zmfi as ZMailer‘s SMTP contentfilter. First start the ESETS daemon. Then add this line to smtpserver.conf:

PARAM contentfilter @BINDIR@/esets_zmfi

and restart ZMailer.

Please note that this will scan only the email messages coming through the smtpserver. Also, make sure that your smtp-policy is filtering all email according to your needs.