Setting ESETS to enable Mail reporting functionality

Important: This feature is available in ESETS 4.0.21 and later.

The reporting function of mail statistics can be enabled using the report_enabled and report_domains options in the ESETS configuration file.

Reporting options in Web interface can be found in Configuration > Global > Daemon options > Reports.
Reports generated for a specified domain can be found in Control > Mail reports and can be filtered by a domain or date. A sample generated report is displayed in the image below.

Figure 8-1. Example of a generated report for domain


Important information

There is no report displayed in the Mail Reports section of the Web interface by default. A report will be displayed when all search criteria are matched.

The reporting period is displayed in UTC time standard.

Reports can be created for e-mails older than 1 day. Same-day reporting is not available.

Add a ‘.com’ domain to the report_domains option of the ESETS configuration file if you want to create reports from all .com domains.

Report files are stored in:

Reports lifetime affects the Log maintenance scheduler task, which is responsible for cleaning up reporting data as well.