Setting ESETS for MTA Novell GroupWise

ESETS GroupWise Internet Agent contentfilter module scanning is performed using the esets_gwia daemon. The ESETS configuration file In the [gwia] section should look like this:

agent_enabled = yes
gwia_smtphome = "/var/spool/gwia/esets"
gwia_dhome = "/var/spool/gwia/queues"

Note: According to the Handle Object Policy, configuration options in [gwia] section such as ‘action_av’, ‘action_av_infected’, ‘action_as’ and their actions ‘defer’ and ‘reject’ will be changed to ‘discard’. These events will be logged into syslog.

Ensure that these parameters were set using esets_setup installer in gwia.cfg (located in /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share/) configuration file:

--home /opt/novell/groupwise/wpgate/gwia
--dhome /var/spool/gwia/queues
--smtphome /var/spool/gwia/esets