Scanning of inbound email messages

Inbound email message scanning is performed during message transfer between MTA and MDA. Incoming emails are intercepted by the esets_mda module, scanned by the ESETS daemon and delivered to MAILBOX using the original MDA. As shown in figure 5-1, virus scanning can be enabled by setting the proper configuration of MTA and the esets_mda module. ESET Mail Security supports most common MTA programs, such as MTA Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, QMail and ZMailer. ESETS supports any MDA. In particular, the following MDAs were tested: procmail, maildrop, deliver and local.mail.

Check that your MTA is properly configured using the original MDA and that the MTA is running. Then configure ESET Mail Security for inbound email message scanning by running the following script:


Select MDA and inbound install options. The ESETS module used is also displayed.

Note that the installer backs up all modified configuration files and can display every command that it will execute after your approval. The backup configuration files should be reimplemented after uninstalling. Detailed steps for all possible scenarios are described in the ESETS setup and configuration topic of this documentation.