Scanning email messages using Novell GroupWise

Novell GroupWise is a messaging and collaborative software platform that also supports email management. The platform consists of the client and server software, available for various platforms (i.e. Linux).

The module esets_gwia only allows the scanning of incoming email messages. For delivering email messages to clients immediately, the following GroupWise agent directories must have set the same paths:

Conversion Directory

SMTP Queues Directory

SMTP Service Queues Directory

To perform this, open the Novell ConsoleOne, navigate to NDS > ESET-NDSTREE > eset > domain > GWIA > Propertiers > Server Directories Settings and set the particular parameters. There is an example domain called eset featured in our case. Then restart the GroupWise agent:

/etc/init.d/grpwise restart

Figure 5-4. Novell ConcoleOne module settings.


To configure ESET Mail Security to scan email messages downloaded from Novell GroupWise server, run the following script:


Select the MTA install option. This will configure the GWIA (Novell GroupWise Internet Agent) and the esets_gwia module parameters and directories, where email queues (files) are being scanned and watched.

Note that the installer is performing a backup of all modified configuration files and can display every command that it will execute after your approval. The backup configuration files should be reimplemented after uninstalling. Detailed configuration is described in ESETS setup and configuration topic of this documentation.