Scanning email messages in CommuniGate Pro

CommuniGate Pro is the powerful and reliable Unified Communications server and esets_cgp is used for content filtering (antivirus and antispam filtering).

Esets_cgp only allows incoming email message scanning. Esets_cgp does not allow scanned email message modification and denies ESETS access to clean or delete infected email attachments. As a result, the ESETS footnote with log and status dependent header fields will not be written into the email message. Also, esets_cgp does not provide mail sender/recipient information. Due to this, user specific configurations are unavailable and advanced mail handling features (accept, defer, discard, reject) are limited.

Integrating the antivirus Plugin with CommuniGate Pro

Please see the VirusScan section of the CommuniGate Pro manual.

Open the General page in the Settings section of the WebAdmin Interface and click the Helpers link. In panel Content Filtering create new filter with followed values:

Figure 5-2. Setting of Content Filtering.


Next, open the Mail page in the Settings section of the WebAdmin Interface, click the Rules link and add a new rule as follows:

Figure 5-3. Rule Settings.