ESET Remote Administrator usage example (6.1 and later)

Installing ERA Agent

ERA Agent must be installed to allow communication with the ERA Server. ESET Mail Security communicates with the ERA Agent through the localhost connection, and then ERA Agent relays information to ESET Remote Administrator via Internet or LAN.

Username/Password data is not required to download the ERA Agent installation package from

To install ERA Agent please refer to:
Agent installation - Linux (ESET Remote Administrator 6.x manual)

Enabling RACL

You can either use the web interface (see the previous chapter) to apply the new configuration, or you can adjust these parameters in the [global] section of the ESETS configuration file as follows:

racl_server_addr = "localhost"
racl_server_port = 2225
racl_password = "yourPassword"
racl_interval = 1

ERA Web Console

After the ESETS daemon configuration is be reloaded, ERA Agent is installed, and RACL can connect to ERA Server (or ERA Proxy) through ERA Agent, you should see a newly connected client in the Computers > Lost & found section of the ERA Web Console.

Figure 6-7. ERA Web Console.


Using the Web Console, you can create a client task to ESETS daemon by:

Clicking the connected client.

Selecting a task from Admin > Client tasks, for example Update virus DB.

Figure 6-8. ERA Client task from ERA Web Console.


An ERA policy can be used to push and enforce specific configurations to ESET Mail Security. For example, you can enforce detection of potentially unsafe applications so that it cannot be overridden locally on ESET Mail Security. To do so,

1.From the ERA Web Console navigate to Admin > Policies > New

2.In the Settings section select ESET Mail/File/Gateway Security for Linux/... (V4)

3.Under Antivirus, select the check box next to Enable detection of potentially unsafe applications and select the check box next to Force

4.Select your ESET Mail Security server as the policy target and click Finish.

Figure 6-9. Enforcing a policy in ERA Web Console.