ESET Remote Administrator usage example (5.x)

You can either use the web interface (see also previous chapter) to apply the new configuration, or you can adjust these parameters in the [global] section of the ESETS configuration file as follows:

racl_server_addr = "your_ERA5_Server_IP_Address_or_Hostname"
racl_server_port = 2222
racl_password = "yourPassword"
racl_interval = 1

After the ESETS daemon configuration will be reloaded and RACL will connect to ERA Server, you will be able to see a newly connected client in your ERA Console. Press the F5 button (or Menu > View > Refresh) to manually refresh  the list of connected clients.

Figure 6-10. ERA Console.


By using ERA Console you can create a configuration task to ESETS daemon from ERA Console:

Right-click the connected Client Name

Navigate to New Task > Configuration Task > Create...

Expand the Unix ESET Security tree

For an example of a configuration task by the DAC agent, see below:

Figure 6-11. ERA Configuration Editor.


The New Task context menu contains On-demand scanning options (enabled/disabled cleaning).

You can select the desired product that you wish to set the task for in the On-Demand Scan pop-up window in the Configuration Section drop-down menu. Make sure that you select the On-demand Scan task for Unix ESET Security Product option (i.e. the product that is installed on your target workstation).

Figure 6-12. ERA On-demand scan.