Remote Administration

ESETS supports remote administration for server security management in large computer networks. The ESETS Remote Administration Client (RACL) is part of the main ESETS daemon and performs the following functions:

Communicates with ERA Server and provides you with system information, configuration, protection statuses and several other features

Allows client configurations to be viewed/modified using the ESET Remote Administrator policies and configuration tasks

Can perform Update Now tasks

Performs computer scans as requested, and submits the results back to the ERA Server scan log
Note: For this option to be available you must have a valid license for ESET File Security.

Adds logs of notable scans performed by the ESETS daemon to threat logs

Sends all non-debug messages to event logs

These functionalities are not supported:

Firewall logging

Remote installation

For more specific information, please read the ESET Remote Administrator manual or visit our Online help.