Main functionality

Post Office Protocol filter (POP3)

The POP3 filter scans communication between POP3 clients and servers for viruses.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol filter (SMTP)

The SMTP filter scans communication between SMTP clients and servers for viruses. Additionally, it can also serve as a content filter for the Postfix MTA.

Internet Message Access Protocol filter (IMAP)

The IMAP filter scans communication between IMAP clients and servers for viruses.

Sendmail content filter

The Sendmail content filter accesses mail messages processed by MTA Sendmail and scans them for viruses. It examines and modifies content and meta-information of messages. If an infection cannot be removed from an email message, the message will be rejected.

External filter plugin for Communigate Pro

The CGP module is an external filter plugin for CommuniGate Pro. It reads email filenames from stdin, then requests a scan by ESETS daemon and finally returns a status. It examines (but does not modify) email content and blocks messages with infiltrations in the email body.


Unsolicited email, called spam, ranks among the greatest problems of electronic communication. Spam represents up to 80 percent of all email communication. Antispam protection serves to protect against this problem. Combining several email security principles, the Antispam module provides superior filtering to keep users and their inbox clean.

Email reporting

Email reporting records statistics for each domain group over a specific period or automatically by setting a schedule. In addition, it allows you to send completed reports to specific email address(es).

PIPE module

The PIPE is a simple email scanner, that reads email from the standard (stdin) input, then requests an ESETS daemon scan. In case content is accepted, it is submitted to the standard (stdout) output.