Blacklist and Whitelist

In the following example we demonstrate blacklist and whitelist creation for the esets_smtp content filter for MTA Postfix configuration. Note that the configuration described in the previous section is used for this purpose.

To create a blacklist used by esets_smtp, create the following group section within the special configuration file ‘esets_smtp_spec.cfg’, introduced in the previous section. See below:

action_av = "reject" 

Next, add the SMTP server to the ‘black-list’ group. To do this, the following special section must be created:

parent_id = "black-list"

In the example above, ‘’ is the email address of the sender added to the ‘black-list’. All email messages sent from this address will now be rejected. When creating the ‘white-list’ used by esets_smtp, it is necessary to create the following group section in the special configuration file ‘esets_smtp_spec.cfg’. See below:

action_av = "accept"
action_as = "accept"

Adding the sender’s email address to the list is self-explanatory.

The ‘|’ character is placed in front of the header name of the special section for the sender address and is not placed there for the recipient address. For information regarding the special header name syntax, refer to the man page of the appropriate ESETS agent module. For esets_smtp, refer to the esets_smtp(1) man page.