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payment_protection_iconPayment Protection

Payment Protection is an additional layer designed to protect your financial data on Android devices against advanced phishing and other threats. Payment Protection prevents other applications from noticing the launch of your protected applications and prevents them from replacing information or reading on-screen information from your protected application. Payment Protection scans every application that is in its list of protected applications. After activating Payment Protection, it will automatically add some banking and payment applications to the list of protected applications.

Add a new application to the list of protected applications

1.Open Payment Protection in the Apps menu or in the ESET Mobile Security.

2.Tap Manage.

3.Select applications you want to protect by Payment Protection.

4.Tap OK to confirm your selection.

Open a banking and payment application using Payment Protection

To ensure the highest protection of your banking and payment applications, open these applications from Safe Launcher. Safe Launcher provides an additional layer of protection compared with standard protection from the Payment Protection feature when opening application outside of the Safe launcher.
Safe Launcher is automatically created when Payment Protection is enabled. Safe Launcher contains all the applications that are protected by Payment Protection. Once you select the desired payment application, a quick Payment Protection scan is initiated and you get a notification with results of the scan.

What is Safe Launcher, and how can I access it?

You can find Safe Launcher in your applications list safe_launcher_app or in ESET Mobile Security > Payment Protection ic_payment_protection.


Access Safe Launcher

For quicker and easier access to your banking and payment applications, you can add Safe Launcher to your home screen. To add Safe Launcher to your home screen, long-press the Safe Launcher icon and drag it to your home screen.